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Avitech Rainier 4d1v

Avitech Rainier 4d1v

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Avitech Rainier 4d1v

Multi Image Monitor Display / Multiviewer / IP network DVI multiviewer

5 input multiviewer

Rainier Module - Accepts 5 inputs.
1. 4 SD-SDI/NTSC/PAL inputs + 1 auto detect DVI/VGA/YPbPr (480p 60Hz, 720p 60Hz and 1080i 60Hz, 576p 50Hz, 720p 50Hz and 1080i 50Hz) (This input can also be used to cascade with another Rainier modules).
2.Ethernet and RS-232 for Control or 3rd party interface.
3. Maximum image size (not full screen) is 816x465 for NTSC and 816x560 for PAL.
4. Supports Avitech ASCII API and TSL Tally/UMD Protocol.
5. On Screen Display: Borders and Labels. 8 GPI for tally/presets.
6. Simultaneous DVI and RGB, output Resolution up to 1600x1200/1920x1080/1920x1200 @ 50/60Hz.
7. The Rainier Blank Panel option is included.

  • Four levels of serial tally
  • Two levels of GPI tally
  • Automatic sensing of HD-SDI/SD-SDI and composite analog inputs
  • Embedded audio meter monitors mono and stereo audio
  • All modules support direct TSL interface
  • Save up to 26 internal presets
  • DVI-I input background
  • Inputs: 4 auto-detect SD-SDI / composite video (PAL / NTSC) PLUS 1 auto-detect VGA / DVI (YPbPr) 480P 60Hz, 720P 50/60Hz, 576P 50Hz, and 1080i 50/60Hz
  • Output Resolution: 1920x1200

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