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Birds Camera

Birds camera - Robycam 3D System

Birds camera - Robycam 3D System

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1x Robycam RC3D compact mobile system

Robycam systems utilize innovative rigging and cabling solutions that allow them to be deployed in full 3D or 2D mode. Thanks to unique wiring modes, the winches can apply more force on the ropes for increased working height and speed.

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Following is included into this system:

4x Robotic winches 3D + separate power box
• Maximum speed: 4.5 m/s
• Separate winch control unit
• Synthetic cables, 2x fiber-optic cable incl.
• Fiber data connection to control station
• Safety factor: not less than 12x
• Long-life brushless servo motors
• 400VAC power supply
• Ruggedized construction protected against bad weather conditions

• Safety according to DGUV 17/18 (former BGV-C1)
• Separate control system
• 100m x 100m action area
• Long-life brushless servo motors

1x RobyHead with dolly R3
• 3-axis gyro-stabilized head
• Data transmission for camera control
• Lightweight and highly durable carbon-fiber construction
• True quad-core digital DSP technology
• Endless pan
• Active Dutch Roll
• Digital Canon and Fujinon lenses supported (cables included) • Battery supply from V-mount battery
• Robycam compass AR tracking module

1x Control station
• Windows 7 Embedded operating system
• Display, keyboard, mouse
• Full features software pack (safety zones, trajectory programming)
• Ready for AR integration
• Standard 19-inch rack case with protection from shock and vibration • UPS buffered operator console inside
• RCCP Robycam 3D movement control panel (X/Y/Z)

4x Swivel pulleys
• Designed for Robycam 3D system
• Vertical swivel axis
• Including Pulley mounting plate (Weight 2.2 kg)

• Weight 1.6kg

Basic power and fiber cable are included

This kind of system is very rare for sale. It is a special offer that we can quote at the moment.

Please ask for more information.

Please note that the camera and lens is not included in this offer. We are happy to quote these items separately.

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