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Grass Valley

Grass Valley Kameleon Media Processing system

Grass Valley Kameleon Media Processing system

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Grass Valley Kameleon - HD down converter signal processor

2x KAM-HDD HD/SD boards (with monitoring down converter)

1x 2000NET board

1x 2000GEN board

KAM-HDD board:
The KAM-HDD module offers HD or SD down conversion with composite outputs. This module can use the single height KAM-HD-R Rear module.

This module does not have frame sync capability so if the output from the KAM-HDD must be in time with an external reference, special considerations must be made. To match the external reference, the input signal to this module must already be in time with the required reference. and the output timing on the System Config web page must then be set to Frame Reference.

The module can be configured in the following different ways:
• One HD input (HD 59.94 or HD 50) with two HD outputs, two down converted SD outputs, and two encoded composite outputs

• One HD input with four HD outputs and two down converted encoded composite outputs as shown in the Functional View block diagram in Figure 51 on page 69.
• One HD input (HD 24 – no down conversion) with four HD outputs

• One SD input, four SD outputs and two encoded composite outputs

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