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Vinten MK-7A LF-3277 Tripod Head, Alu Tripod and Heavy Dolly

Vinten MK-7A LF-3277 Tripod Head, Alu Tripod and Heavy Dolly

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In good condition.

These are the older models and still very solidly made and have a load capacity 91 kgs.

Included PanBars and camera wedge plate.



Model Description:

PAN AND TILT CAMERA HEAD, type 3277, Load capacity 91kgs (200lbs)


Model Details:

The Vinten Mk 7A L.F camera head type 3277 is a pan and tilt camera head,designed to support a variety of camera/lens combinations and prompters in perfect balance,over a range of tilt movement. this is achieved by use of a counterbalancing mechanism which provides a range of balanced movement up to a maximum of +_60 degrees from horizontal.

The head uses lubricated friction (LF)mechanism in the pan and tilt axes giving adjustable drag to archieve smooth operation.whip movements may be executed thrugh both axes regardless of drag setting. both pan and tilt mechanisms are fitted ith a brake.

The head is fitted with a sliding platform giving a large range of fore and aft adjustment.this adjustment can be extended by moving the wedge adaptor to either of two positions on the sliding platform.

Construction is largely of aluminium alloy providing a lightweigth,but robust,assembly able to accommodate loads of up to 91 kg (200lbs). the head has a standard flat base and can be mounted on pedestals or any suitable firm surface.


  • Heigh (platform Horizontal and standard Cams) 251mm (9.875")
  • Width 310mm (12.2)
  • Minimum Length 381mm (15")
  • Weight (one pan bar) 19kgs (42lbs)
  • Load capacity 91 kgs (200lbs)
  • Slide Plate range (total) 374mm (14.75)
  • Lead Screw Adjustment 279mm (11")

Vinten 738 Heavy Duty Aluminum Camera Tripod

- Type 738 Short Heavy Duty Tripod

  • Capacity : 91Kg.
  • Material : Alloy and Duralumin
  • Weight: 12Kg.


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