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Avitech Rainier 4d1v

Avitech Rainier 4d1v

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Avitech Rainier 4d1v

Multi Image Monitor Display / Multiviewer / IP network DVI multiviewer

5 Input Multiviewer


Rainier Module - Accepts 5 inputs.
1. 4 SD-SDI/NTSC/PAL inputs + 1 auto detect DVI/VGA/YPbPr (480p 60Hz, 720p 60Hz and 1080i 60Hz, 576p 50Hz, 720p 50Hz and 1080i 50Hz) (This input can also be used to cascade with another Rainier module).
2. Ethernet and RS-232 for Control or 3rd party interface.
3. Maximum image size (not full screen) is 816x465 for NTSC and 816x560 for PAL.
4. Supports Avitech ASCII API and TSL Tally/UMD Protocol.
5. On Screen Display: Borders and Labels. 8 GPI for tally/presets.
6. Simultaneous DVI and RGB, output Resolution up to 1600x1200/1920x1080/1920x1200 @ 50/60Hz.
7. The Rainier Blank Panel option is included.

  • Four levels of serial tally
  • Two levels of GPI tally
  • Automatic sensing of HD-SDI/SD-SDI and composite analog inputs
  • Embedded audio meter monitors mono and stereo audio
  • All modules support direct TSL interface
  • Save up to 26 internal presets
  • DVI-I input background
  • Inputs: 4 auto-detect SD-SDI / composite video (PAL / NTSC) PLUS 1 auto-detect VGA / DVI (YPbPr) 480P 60Hz, 720P 50/60Hz, 576P 50Hz, and 1080i 50/60Hz
  • Output Resolution: 1920x1200



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