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Floatcam per Steadicam FC7

Floatcam per Steadicam FC7

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Steadicam Set - Floatcam pro FC7

The standard FC7 kit comprises of:
- FC7 Sled (with precision gimbal, machined handgrip, integral video cable)
- FC7 Single Articulated Arm
- Front mounted vest
- FC7 docking bracket
- 1.5 kg weight plate (for lightweight cameras)
- Soft case

Manufacturer information:

Our entry level FloatCam Pro rig, the FC7, is built around the same front mounted vest, arm and sled/gimbal technology as its bigger brothers the FC8 and FC9. Featuring an FC9 sled mounted on a single articulated arm and standard front mounted vest, the FC7 is ideal for lightweight cameras (up to 7 kg). For the new or occasional operator, the FC7 offers a fantastic level of camera stabilization.

Capable of flying larger cameras than its closest rivals, and with a defined upgrade path should your needs, skill and requirements change, the FC7 is the ideal starter rig. From a basic FC7 kit, can upgrade to a dual articulated arm or a back mounted vest without having to bin all existing kit. The entire FloatCam range is cross compatible ensuring that investment is safe even as needs change.

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