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Riedel Connect Duo

Riedel Connect Duo

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Riedel Connect Duo

Riedel Connect Duo ISDN & POTS Audio Codec


BRAND: Riedel _

MODEL: ConnectDuo



We have 5 pieces in d uo 19 and 2 pieces single in 19 .

NOTE : one of duo units missing some kn obs , see picture 4.

To all the units are power adapters.


Intelligent and seamless interfacing to the outside world

is the key to success in many intercom applications.

Connect Duo interfaces your intercom system to ISDN and

PSTN public telephone netwo rks.


Connect Duo combines an ISDN S , interface and an

ana logue POTS telephone hybrid in one halfrack/1RU device.

This not only saves rack space and additional devices but

also provides enhanced flexibility to the intercom installation .

This is a valuable advantage, especially for mobile production units



- Dual ISDN audio codec

- Single analogue POTS telephone hybrid

- 7 kHz (G.722) and 3.4 kHz (G.711) coding algorithm

- Auto format detection for incoming calls

- Auto answer

- Intuitive user control interface

- Full integration with Artist intercom systems

- Ability to remotely control Artist panels via ISDN

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